It’s a Dog’s Life…


Before we decided to move to Bangkok, our biggest concern was whether Charles and Siale could live here. Finding a house with a reasonably sized garden was a good start and the rest has really just followed through trial and error!

I’ve described some of our experiences with the dogs in Walking in Bangkok and Year of the Dog. We’ve been fortunate that the dogs have settled well and we’ve not really had to go too far out of our way to keep them entertained and comfortable.

The best decision we made was to hire Rena, our live-in ‘Maid’/”Helper’/”Personal Dog Nanny’ – I’m not sure which term is politically correct right now, we just tend to call her Rena! Whilst we’re at work all day we know the dogs are safe and sound with Rena. If we’re a bit late back she’s there to let them out in the garden and generally keep them company. Rena is also happy to do some overtime if we want to go away at the weekend. When we’re not there she actually makes up a bed in the living room and sleeps with them! I don’t think the arrangement could be any better for the dogs!

There are however plenty of doggy daycares and boarding facilities in Bangkok. We visited a few of them in the early days but ultimately decided that the dogs would be better off staying in their own house with Rena.

There are also plenty of pet shops in Bangkok – there are at least four within walking distance of our house! You can buy major brands of dog food and all the other doggy accessories you might need.

Most public parks in Bangkok do not allow dogs, unfortunately, but there are a growing number of dog parks popping up around town. We haven’t actually visited any yet – we’ll wait for the weather to get a bit cooler I think!

Living in Bangkok with two lurchers is actually ok. I wouldn’t deter anyone from bringing their dog here if they’re really prepared to make it work. Dogs are very resilient and will acclimatise to a different environment – as long as they’re with you they’re happy!

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