Horsing Around

At a Loose End I would say the three main things to do in Bangkok are visiting temples, ambling around a market, or eating/drinking. But when you live here the novelty of those activities begins to wear off. You crave a pastime with more meaning, more purpose. You actually need to head no further than … Continue reading “Horsing Around”

I’m Dreaming Of…. Some Strange Things!

All I Have to Do is Dream A few weeks ago I had an incredibly vivid dream that was so packed with symbolic objects and actions, it would have been a treat for any dream interpreter to decipher. Chris and I were at a train station, hoping to get a train somewhere. The problem was … Continue reading “I’m Dreaming Of…. Some Strange Things!”

Our First Thai Wedding!

No More ‘Firsts’ As we’ve passed the one year in Thailand milestone, it feels like we’re running out of ‘firsts’. I’ve already been for my second annual medical and have renewed my work permit. Our second Christmas is fast approaching and we feel like we know the drill for New Year and Songkran. I’m sure … Continue reading “Our First Thai Wedding!”

Food, Farewells & Karaoke!

There doesn’t appear to be much sign of any Thai lessons starting through work any time soon – I really wish I’d had the thought earlier! But anyway I’ve decided to try to expand my knowledge of basic, everyday Thai phrases. I quite quickly learned the various greetings, the numbers and how to say left … Continue reading “Food, Farewells & Karaoke!”

The Cross-Cultural Challenge – Part 3

The cross-cultural management course is now a distant memory, other than recently having been emailed a copy of the horrendously awkward group photo that was taken on the last day. Capturing magical moments like this in Thailand is part and parcel of daily life, although I still have no idea whatever happens to these photos … Continue reading “The Cross-Cultural Challenge – Part 3”

Money, Money, Money…

Like many expats in Thailand, we still have some financial commitments back in our home country, so there comes a point when the pounds start to run low and you need to send some of those hard-earned Thai baht back to the UK. I’ve read many Facebook posts on this topic, with people seeking the … Continue reading “Money, Money, Money…”

Misery, Monsoons and Karaoke!

The past week has been tough, probably the toughest week we’ve had so far in our 6 months in Thailand. It’s been the sort of week when I’ve questioned why we’re even here when we could be this miserable anywhere in the World! But somehow, and I don’t really know how we’ve survived to do … Continue reading “Misery, Monsoons and Karaoke!”

Happy New Year!

Thailand needs very little reason to have a massive party and Thai people are quite happy to adopt other countries national celebrations if it provides an excuse to dress up, decorate the office and just generally have a good old knees-up. Christmas was the first example; it wasn’t just the western style shopping centres that … Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

Wild Times in Bangkok

When you move 6000 miles across the world to a different continent, it’s probably to be expected that you might encounter some unfamiliar flora and fauna in daily life. Bangkok has what’s described as a “tropical monsoon climate”, so the first difference is that we have giant versions of the indoor plants we had in … Continue reading “Wild Times in Bangkok”