High-Rolling in Macau

Holiday like a Movie Star I think it’s fairly normal for people to make travel plans based on destinations in films they’ve watched; no doubt countless people have made their way to Bangkok after seeing ‘The Hangover Part 2’ in search of an equally debauched experience. And Maya Bay is now starting to recover since … Continue reading “High-Rolling in Macau”

Another rant about the smog!

Keep Calm and Carry On? In general, I’m not one to complain unnecessarily. Normally I’m quite a ‘stiff upper lip’, just get on with it type of person. And it’s true when people started talking about the air quality situation in Thailand last year, and all the masks and air purifiers they were investing in, I … Continue reading “Another rant about the smog!”

I’m Dreaming Of…. Some Strange Things!

All I Have to Do is Dream A few weeks ago I had an incredibly vivid dream that was so packed with symbolic objects and actions, it would have been a treat for any dream interpreter to decipher. Chris and I were at a train station, hoping to get a train somewhere. The problem was … Continue reading “I’m Dreaming Of…. Some Strange Things!”

Gossip, Respect & Office Politics

Harmless Fun Workplace gossip is pretty common. There’s always a rumour floating around about what someone got up to at the Christmas party. But in my experience it’s normally harmless fun and indulging in a little gossip is a nice interlude. In Thailand, it’s so much more than this. It genuinely seems to determine the … Continue reading “Gossip, Respect & Office Politics”

Focus on Safety in Thailand

A Dangerous Place to Drive I think it’s fairly well known that Thailand is in the top ten of the most dangerous places to drive in the World.  Around 24,000 people die on the roads in Thailand every year. Holiday seasons like New Year and Songkran are the most dangerous times as almost everyone seems … Continue reading “Focus on Safety in Thailand”

Our First Thai Wedding!

No More ‘Firsts’ As we’ve passed the one year in Thailand milestone, it feels like we’re running out of ‘firsts’. I’ve already been for my second annual medical and have renewed my work permit. Our second Christmas is fast approaching and we feel like we know the drill for New Year and Songkran. I’m sure … Continue reading “Our First Thai Wedding!”

From Thailand to Japan – Sushi, Shinkansen & Asahi

What did I really know about Japan? I probably should have done some research before we departed for Japan, as I had quite a limited view of what Japan might be like! I remember a friend going on a school trip to Japan and her Japanese roommate getting up at 5 am to study every … Continue reading “From Thailand to Japan – Sushi, Shinkansen & Asahi”