I’m Emma and I moved to Thailand in December 2017 with my husband who was posted out here by his company. Fortunately, I was also able to find a job which has taken me to many weird and wonderful places and introduced many to many weird and wonderful people. Working in Thailand is interesting, challenging, soul-destroying and even sometimes quite rewarding.

To make things even more interesting we decided to bring our two dogs, Charles and Siale, lurchers that we’d rescued in the UK. This has worked quite well but it’s a bit different from the rolling fields of Northamptonshire that they left behind.

This blog is my therapy! But it’s also a record of a time in our lives like no other, and in a few years when I look back, I probably won’t believe it all really happened!

I have also included some other useful information relating to owning dogs in Bangkok. I can’t review everything as once you’ve found a vet you tend to stop looking! But hopefully, it’s useful to someone.

See photos at https://photos.app.goo.gl/329Bb0gnMUiO3Uyw1