Bangkok for the Over-65s

Ever wondered what goes through the minds of the Over-65s when they’re on holiday? Not a lot it seems!

Our guest blogger this week is none other than my mother, Gloria Pritchard!

Gloria has just returned to the UK after a two-week visit with us in Bangkok. This was not just a holiday, this was an Over-65 invasion as my parents also brought their two friends Mike & Barbara.

Clearly inspired by my somewhat erratic blogging habit, my mother kept a diary of the key events that shaped their two-week stay.

So here it is, the unabridged version – enjoy!

Monday 31 December 2018

Left for Thailand.

Long walk in airport. Frank got the wheelchair and then we were transported to the departure gate by buggy.

Flight uneventful but quite comfortable.

Sober flight. Probably just as well…

Tuesday 1 January 2019

Arrived 7 am local time. Mike & Barbara arrived shortly after. Cup of tea.

FaceTime with Ed, Mara and Aubrey. Still last year in US.

Beer time, then pub, then Thai restaurant.

Drinks in garden…

Wednesday 2 January

Jet lag set in. Did nothing.

Drinks in garden…

W Market for dinner; tower of beer, doner kebab.

More drinks in garden.

Thursday 3 January

Shopping mall – bought very cheap handbag. Veggie burger in Burger King.

Emma prepared nice salad dinner.

Drinks in garden…

Friday 4 January

My birthday!

Off to old capital of Siam (Ayutthaya). Some spectacular ruins.

Cruised back to Bangkok. Saw life on the river. Lunch.

Drinks in garden….

Saturday 5 January

Birthday Party!

Emma & Chris have prepared a great BBQ. Emma made a cake.

They invited some of their friends including Fiona and her latest!

Lots of drinks in garden….

Sunday 6 January


Pub and then more BBQ food.

Went to Big C Supermarket.

Drinks in garden…

Monday 7 January

Rest day more or less.

Went to Pesca for dinner with Emma.

Very nice!

Drinks in garden…

Tuesday 8 January

Off to Western Thailand to the River Kwai.

Visited War Cemetary – very moving.

Thai food for lunch.

Went to Hellfire Pass. Use buggy to descend and ascend.

Drinks and dinner by the river.

Wednesday 9 January

After breakfast went to bridge. Managed to get postcards!

Frank took a walk on the bridge.

Caught the train and travelled over the wooden bridge – great views.

Another Thai lunch.

Back to Bangkok – took 5 hours!  Very tired.

Drinks in garden…

Thursday 10 January

Quiet day for me.

Ate Rena’s noodles for breakfast. Ate Chris’ frittata for lunch. Both delicious!

Sunbathed. Wrote postcards.

Skybar for dinner with Emma and Chris. Spectacular!

Drinks in garden…

Friday 11 January

Went to Wat Pho, Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

Couldn’t manage steps – ankle playing up. Frank got some good shots.

The architecture and decoration is quite breathtaking.

Home by 2pm.  Had a nap.

W Market for dinner. Chris chose a great selection of Thai food. Two towers of beer!

Drinks in garden…

Saturday 12 January

Went to MBK. Bought cheap ‘designer’ handbag, wallet, Buddha and shoes.

Drinks in garden…

Chris ordered in a selection of curry dishes – very good.

More drinks in garden…

Sunday 13 January

Pub at lunchtime.

Desperate for loo! Up two flights of stairs. Waitress took pity on me and ushered me into men’s WC on ground floor.

Back to house for running buffet.

Drinks and singalong in garden!

Monday 14 January


Very long flight. Not very comfortable.

Home by 9:30 pm.  House is freezing.

Cup of tea and final G&T in kitchen…



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